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Does Recreational ED Drug Use Lead To ED?

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Young healthy men that take erectile dysfunction drugs recreationally, may be more likely to develop the condition¬† according to research…more >>

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ED Facts And Figures

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Erectile dysfunction disorder is a condition that causes the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual…more >>

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Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual ED Pump Device

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Vacuum Therapy – Recommended by the American Urology Association. The Encore Vacuum Device¬† is capable of restoring function in up…more >>

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Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Prevention

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According to Dr. Tony Sliwinski, a urologist at the Virginia Urology Center, erectile dysfunction disorder is a prevalent disorder estimated…more >>

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How Is ED Diagnosed?

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A man’s sexual and medical histories help determine the degree and nature of erectile dysfunction. A man’s medical history can…more >>